I wrote, AND ILLUSTRATED, a book when I was in 2nd grade. I was so talented, woow.

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Someone my mom works with is having a party tomorrow night, and they specifically asked for me to come too. It’s not a big deal or anything, but I’m at that point in life where being invited to socially interact with ‘real adults’ is like being invited to sit with the cool kids, only better because the cool kids aren’t dicks. I’m p happy about this. Wheee

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My attitude towards politics and society is constantly “angry but unsurprised”

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what do we say to the god of death?

not today *sets difficulty to casual*

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my mom meant to post a picture of her dog and posted a picture of a turkey insteadimage

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driving past your old elementary school likeimage

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it doesn’t matter how many “pretend to be dating” fics i read, i’m always fucking in it headfirst every time and i fall for that shit every time. i know the pattern i know the plot twists i know what’s gonna happen but every single fucking time i’m fucking on the edge of my seat wide-eyed whispering like “what’s gonna happen are they gonna fall in love” to myself like of course they are you fucking idiot this happens EVERY TIME but as soon as i see the description and it’s like “x person and x person pretend to do the dating” it’s eternal sunshine of the stupidest fucking mind over here

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"You were frozen, and I hugged you until you weren’t frozen anymore."

Of all the heartless, self-aware, glorious, shippy, agonizing things to say.



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I wish I did art so I could do commissions for people and earn back some of the money I just spent. X_X

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